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Phase Three: Celebrating Your Work!

Anyone who has dabbled in project work with children knows that it takes a lot of organization, time management, creative thinking and problem solving and from time to time energy, however, in the end it is well worth the effort!

Celebrating the conclusion of a project is a great way to share with your families, peers,  management,  board members, persons in charge of fundraising, and whomever else you would like to invite the amount of concrete learning, increased social skills, language and literacy skills, math and science skills and physical mastery that comes out of in-depth studies of interest to children and chosen by the children!

  • Concluding the project involves gathering of all documentation, photos, stories and materials. Deciding what to keep, what to share and display involves both educators and children. Through this process you can review everything that you have learned over the course of the project.
  • Educators and children collaborate to choose a ?medium? to celebrate the success of their investigation.  (Open ? house, Last Field trip, Fun Day at School with just kids?)
  • A lot of work and effort goes into project documentation ? as a team, plan a way to archive your project for future reference and as a recipe of inspiration for future educators and their children.

On a side note, on several occasions I have documented and transferred children's project work into a Power point presentation to share with parents and peers new to Reggio inspired classroom environments to help them better understand the value in complex level of work the children do during a project as well as to collaborate with them on how I can better involve families in project work. I have had huge success in proceeding projects with access to families shared resources, donated materials, access to field site visits, in house experts and so much more. Our communities are an invaluable resource but if we do not shout and share about the important work we are doing how will they know we need their help, input and support!